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About Chipglobe

ChipGlobe GmbH has been founded in the beginning of 2014 by Volker Frisch, one of the initiators and key executive members of frobas GmbH, whose team of experts had been active in global projects since 2003. ChipGlobe is an independent entity dedicated to help customers in developing comprehensive chips (ASICS, FPGAs and Embedded Systems (Firmware)) — from idea and initial spec to prototype, benefiting from senior experts expertise throughout the flow.

ChipGlobe is focusing on Design– and Verification, Tester and Firmware/Embedded Systems Consulting with both Insourcing (at Customer premises) and Outsourcing (Chipglobe Design Center) working models.
Their teams work in a global setup with ASIC design and verification teams in major semiconductor companies, focusing on markets in automotive, telecommunications, security and networking.

In the verification domain they have key expertise in functional verification and mixed signal verification, focusing on SystemVerilog and UVM, constraint random driven verification, metric driven verification and coverage driven verification.
In the implementation domain they are experts from RTL to GDS Implementation, Layout and Verification for digital and mixed signal designs supporting latest sub micron technologies.

With embedded systems (firmware) they develop complex solutions for a wide variety of applications. From the optimization of processor-based systems to IoT systems considerung Hardware Encryption.
ChipGlobe is Infineon ISPN Preferred Partner and expert in the field of hardware encryption

ChipGlobe headquarters is located in Munich, Germany with ChipGlobe Design Centers (ODC) in Munich, Dresden, Singapore and Belgrade, Serbia. They are more than 70 experts with an experienced management team and strong growth. Based on the strong experience of their staff they manage and execute projects in a well communicated, success-proven and sustainable way driven by "Managed Consulting".

  • ChipGlobe was founded in 2014
  • It emerged from frobas GmbH (founded in 2003)
  • The team: > 90 employees
  • Headquarters and Design Center in Munich, Germany
  • Design Center (ODC) in Dresden, Germany
  • Chipglobe Subsidary in Singapore
  • Design Center (ODC) in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Chip development from initial idea to prototype
  • A sustainable and unique team concept
  • Managed Consulting as key to project success
  • Strategic industry alliances
  • Customers are predominantly from the semiconductor industry
  • Insourcing and Outsourcing (Design Center in Munich, Dresden, Singapore, Belgrade) Business Models

The name "ChipGlobe" derives from our comprehensive approach to the chip development processes as well as our affinity for technologies that benefit society and our planet.