[Translate to Englisch:] First Time Right Methodology

"First time right"—the direct route to achieving your objectives

Working carefully and collectively to achieve success 
Many years of practical experience have demonstrated that the road to success is paved with the finely tuned and sensitive interplay of "hard" and "soft" factors, and of technological and human know-how.
The following elements have proved their worth, and form the basis for all our projects:

  • Effective resource management: Efficient planning and deployment
  • Relevance ranking: Recognizing, selecting, and addressing the truly crucial issues at an early stage
  • Know-how sharing: Passing on experiences and avoiding unnecessary diversions
  • Identity integration: Taking account of the special features of the respective "journey" and the resources that are available
  • In-time management: Making the right decisions at the right time
  • Community power: Finding common ground, resolving blockages, and making optimal use of the team
  • Trailblazer processing: A forward-looking and progressive way of working
  • Enjoying the project and fruitful collaboration

“We've been working very closely in a partnership for more than 12 years. Their engineers are very committed, with a high level of expertise. They make a significant contribution to the success of our R&D project, covering every area of business.”

Dr. Ulrich Fiedler, Director SOC Development Infineon Technologies AG