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Challenge #1: Competence & resources

  • No suitable employees are available
  • Your experts are allocated by 100% by other projects
  • Special expertise is not available short term in your R&D department

The solution:

  • Status quo analysis: Pragmatic and effective solutions that can be implemented right away
  • Cascading know-how: Knowledge management (sharing, documenting, and copying know-how)
  • In-house support: On-the-spot "Implant" (Insourcing) in your company's R&D team with someone with the right skill sets and expertise
  • Specialized experts - can be integrated immediately
  • Chipglobe Design Center: You want tailored packages, that fit into your project needs? We are happy to help.
    We work with VPN and secure connections also with your R&D infrastructure and design flow.

Challenge #2: Time

  • Only a limited time for implementation
  • Project delays

The solution:

  • Quick remedy: As we have many years of expertize, we can help to to avoid costly and time-consuming "detours". The focus is to resolve escalating problems by taking sustainable and well thought through decisions. They will help to solve many other issues as well and streamline the design and verification process.
  • Rapid familiarization: It doesn't take long for our experts to "get into" the details of the project - and this makes a big difference right away.
  • Making up for lost time: Show stoppers will be recognized quickly. This will allow you to get back to schedule very fast - with increased effectivity and productivity.

Your project is our project – your issue is our issue.
Effective remedies can only be applied once the issues and rot causes have been identified. We are aware of this. Working with Chipglobe gives you this extra re-assurance - you are in save hands.