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ChipGlobe cooperates with TH Deggendorf in the field of digitization

NEW: More Information on Jobfair on 6.11.2019 and interviews:

Summary of the event - Jobfair 5.11.2018 at the European Campus Rottal-Inn of the TH Deggendorf

Participants of the event - From left to right (photo by Dieter Rudolf, released) - Click on the photo to enlarge.


1. Wolfgang Beißmann, Major of Pfarrkirchen

2. Prof. Dr. Horst Kunhardt, Vice President Technical University Deggendorf and Head of University  European Campus Rottal-Inn in Pfarrkirchen.

3. Dieter Rudolf, Director Business Development, Chipglobe

4. Prof. Dr. Peter Sperber, President Technical University Deggendorf

5. Dr. Max Mergenthaler, Digital Business Enablement, Infineon

6. Ernst Fuchs, Chefredakteur, Passauer Neue Presse

7. Georg Riedl, University Coordinator European Campus Rottal-Inn

8. Dr. Jörg Kunz, Head of Public Relations and  Event Management of Technical University Deggendorf


Flyer, Page 1 for Internships

Flyer, Page 2 for Internships

  • 6.11.2019: This year's Jobfair at the European Campus Rottal-Inn of the THD (ECRI) in Pfarrkirchen was again a great success. See the Video reports and Video Interviews
  • The job fair on the European Campus Rottal-Inn of the TH Deggendorf on 5 November 2018 attracted a lot of attention from students and professors.
  • Chipglobe presented the Sensorbox, a prototyping system based on the security processor Infineon OptigaTM Trust X, Infineon sensors and a WLAN component for connection to Amazon Cloud.

    The highlight is that this setup enables hardware-based encryption and secure data transfer. Each Infineon OptigaTM Trust X chip is individual and secure. 
  • This easy-to-use prototyping system is an ideal platform for all types of internships, Bachelor's and Master's theses. 
  • The European Campus Rottal-Inn focuses on digitisation in the field of medicine and tourism with English courses only. The Faculty of Digitisation is currently being founded and will be an independent faculty of the TH Deggendorf in 2019.
  • An ideal environment for international students and the networking of the Lower Bavarian tourism and wellness industry in the district of Rottal-Inn with the global high-tech world. This is in line with the plans of Pfarrkirchen to support young companies with the right environment for creativity and growth. 
  • Contact Chipglobe for more information on this Infineon OptigaTM Trust X based prototyping system. We are able to transform secure IoT setups and upgrades of existing systems into secure hardware-encrypted communications. 
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.