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Smart Card and Security, Security for IoT

ChipGlobe = ISPN Preferred Partner

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  • ChipGlobe GmbH was founded in the beginning of 2014. ChipGlobe is an independent unit dedicated to helping customers develop comprehensive chips (ASICS, FPGAs and embedded systems (firmware)) - from idea to initial specification to prototype, benefiting from the expertise of experienced experts throughout the process.
  • ChipGlobe provides IoT solutions, turnkey designs and consulting related to Infineon sensors, IoT's and combines them with OPTIGA(TM) Trust X encryption solutions. ChipGlobe delivers prototyping solutions based on the sensor box with a choice of sensors, multiple Shield2Go adapters and connection/management via Amazon or other clouds..
  • As an Infineon Design House, ChipGlobe works closely with Infineon projects and has many years of experience.

The range of IoT developments includes:

  • sensors
  • secure data transmission
  • printed circuit boards
  • assembly
  • use of multiple processor cards
  • test hardware and software
  • cloud integration
  • systems integration
  • application software
  • GUI design
  • Firmware design and verification
  • driver development
  • documentation