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Industry Partnerships in the semiconductor and embedded eco System

Infineon Design House

ChipGlobe has been working together with Infineon for 15+ years, sustainably and with high quality standards.

At the end of 2018 we received the Infineon Supplier Award and are preferred supplier for Infineon. 
THANK YOU Infineon!

This stands for

  • Top QoR (quality of results)
  • Excellent on-time delivery
  • Proven sustainability
  • Excellent teamwork
  • High flexibility
  • More than 15 years of proven partnership 


Mentor Questa Vanguard Partner

SystemVerilog, UVM, AMS verification are important components in an ASIC verification. Due to our many years of experience with Mentor tools and methodologies, we can pass these on effectively supported by the partnership with Mentor. We focus with our experts on defining the test bench architecture and performing the necessary tests based on constraint random and coverage driven verification.


Partnership with dmc-smartsystems GmbH

For several decades now, dmc-smartsystems GmbH has been established as a service provider in the field of embedded systems, for example in the field of firmware development of baseboard management controllers (BMCs) for Fujitsu and in the field of embedded automotive for a large TIER 1 supplier.
For some years now, they have also entered the fields of intelligent image processing and artificial intelligence.

They are now using the knowledge gained from these years of work together with Chipglobe to provide clear, holistic and modern solutions for the customers of both companies. 

Chipglobe from the application side in the area of development of IoT's and embedded systems with hardware encryption from sensor to cloud and 
dmc-smartsystems with the support of solutions in the field of device & data management as well as industrial data analysis & AI - a complete solution for many projects and applications.

Both companies also offer joint cross-divisional practical workshops.
This setup is a win-win situation for the customer, Chipglobe and dmc-smartsystems, as complementary solutions can be offered and implemented.