Chipglobe Singapore: We are hiring

Digital Design Engineer

Design for Test Engineer

Functional Verification Engineer

Layout and Physical Design Engineer

We are hiring at Chipglobe in Singapore

  • Design Engineers
  • Functional Verification Engineers
  • Design for Test Engineers
  • Layout and Physical Design Engineers

What we offer

  • RTL (Register Transfer Level) verification: Functional verification with Verilog, SystemVerilog, SystemC
  • Gate-level verification: Testing of implementation
  • RTL (Register Transfer Level) coding
  • Analog design
  • Synthesis: Mapping the circuit to the target technology with the help of constraints
  • STA (Statistical Timing Analysis): Ensuring that all the constraints have been satisfied. Verification of the completed design.
  • DFT (Design for Test): Production tests (scan chains, test monitoring...)
  • Formal verification: Final check to ensure that the functionality of the source list has been maintained.
  • Floor planning: Positioning of macros, memories, and IO Padring
  • Place and route: Physical positioning and wiring of all the cells in the chip
  • Power analysis: Ensuring a suitable and adequate power supply
  • Physical verification: Production test which ensures that the circuit can be manufactured in this form.
  • GDS data for mask production