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This drives us: Comprehensive Chip management

ChipGlobe and its entire team embody comprehensive, sophisticated, and future-oriented chip design management. We are determined to find the optimal way for every stakeholder, joining together and transfer the initial idea—and the project as a whole—to realisation.

What distinguishes us is the way in which we understand and embody chip design management. In a highly technologized environment which is characterized by clarity and logic, the human factor is the greatest challenge we face. We're aware of that, and our wealth of experience means we're all too familiar with sudden or unexpected events which—despite your best endeavors—can present seemingly intractable problems.

"Technology should serve people—and not the other way around."

What we believe in

  • Technologies that benefit the common good: Now more than ever, it's vital that technology should be a positive force in the areas of energy conservation and protecting the environment. We can draw upon our vast experience to promote this objective.
  • Working with people as part of a team: Our sphere of activity focuses on people too. Successfully mastering something in conjunction with others requires mutual understanding and a commitment to positive collaboration. And it can be fun too!
  • Adding value through joint working: Exploiting the synergies of your values and our own values.
  • Turning awesome ideas into reality: Anything is possible.

What is it that makes your idea useful and valuable? 
How is it supposed to be implemented?
What's important to you?
How can we best contribute to this?
How can we achieve this objective together?

How we work with you

  • Visionary and creative:
    "Light and the spirit are the highest indivisible energies we are capable of conceiving." (Goethe)
    If something is truly awesome, you can be sure it has emerged at more than one level. Ideas and inspiration complement the experience we've gathered over many years.
  • Collaborative/Community:
    "The wisdom of the crowd"
    It's been proven that we can achieve more if we work together.
  • Open:
    Transparency, clarity, and honesty help to avoid any unnecessary "detours", to find the best route and then pursue it. They're the foundation of our joint working.
  • Joyful/Happiness:
    "If it's no fun, it's not worth doing it." (John Croft)
    Enjoyment is the best motivator, and an essential success factor too. Lots of things will become much easier if a project is fun. Our driving theme is:"We love what we do and we do what we love". Joy and flow are the consequence.
  • Confidence:
    Our senior experts trust their way of working and their experience. They know that they work constructive and successful in the projects. This confidence from within enables project security and meeting project targets.
  • Harmony:
    Working smooth in a project is not equivalent to avoiding conflicts or discussions. Harmony is a driving power in the project focusing on the common goal and highlighting a balanced working mode.
  • Helpfullness:
    Working in a team translates to support other team members in  areas they need help. This enables a mutual joining of forces and glueing together personally and related to professional know how. The result are sustainable project results and enjoyment on mutual success. This mutual support allows to grow confidence.